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Regularly Scheduled Services

We will look for such things as evidence of:

  • forced entry
  • vandalism
  • broken windows
  • fire hazards
  • damage to roofs/decks
  • frozen/broken/leaking water pipes
  • failed heating systems
  • downed trees/power lines
Hourly Personalized Services

We can provide you with the following hourly services:

  • Stocking your fridge or pantry to your likes & tastes
  • Turning on the heat and lights before you arrive
  • Meeting contractors, service and repair people
  • Receiving deliveries
  • Picking up your mail
  • Providing a photo or video history of any work being performed on your mountain home


Regularly Scheduled Services
SierraSentry will visit your home per contract agreement and perform exterior and interior inspections of your property. We offer 1-4 visits per month or as needed.

SierraSentry will inspect the overall condition of your home inside and out. We will report any issues that require immediate attention - complete with photos. If repairs are required we will coordinate with licensed professionals to complete the work.

Hourly Services
There are a variety of services that SierraSentry provides that can be contracted out at an hourly rate. Turning on your heat before you arrive, meeting the cable guy, picking up your mail, have your home professionally cleaned. Just ask. We will undertake any reasonable task to make your mountain home ownership more worry-free.


Personalized Hourly Services Pricing
Personalized services will be contracted out at an hourly rate of $35 per hour. The minimum invoice will be a one hour charge.

Open and/or Close Your Home Turn on water, heat and lights before your arrival. Shut-down and winterize your home when you leave.
Cost for Open or Close=$35.

Regularly Scheduled Services Pricing
Weekly home inspection visit and report
Package A: Year Contract-52 Personalized Reports

Package B: 6 Month Contract-26 Personalized Reports

Bi-weekly home inspection visit and report
Package C: Year Contract-26 Personalized Reports

Package D: 6 Month Contract-13 Personalized Reports

One-time home inspection visit and report
Cost per Visit=$45.00

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