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We already have a security system why do we need SierraSentry?
Good security systems offer many benefits, especially when the perimeter of a monitored structure is breached. SierraSentry services augment electronic security systems by physically observing the external and internal status of the home, performing status checks of conditions that cannot be monitored electronically and reporting information that is important to you. Most electronic security system will not report forgotten trash left in the kitchen, a thermostat set too high, an insect or rodent problem, a low propane tank, or the collapsed deck under the weight of the snow. SierraSentry will report all of these observations, and more.

How do I order if I donít want to order online?
Information may be procured and orders placed by calling 209-795-7168.

What is your area of service?
Communities along Highway 4 from Forest Meadows to Camp Connell.

Why donít you service Bear Valley?
SierraSentry is currently focusing on mountain home needs within our core service area. As client inquiries for the Bear Valley community increase, we will offer seasonal services.

How do I view my service report if I donít have a computer?
Service report may be mailed, faxed, or even called if no computer is available for online access.

What are some of the hourly services you provide?
SierraSentry hourly services include, but are not limited to:
  • Service personnel meet and greet, i.e. ATT, Comcast, PG&E
  • Meet and greet furniture delivery personnel
  • Pantry stocking service for basic (non-alcohol or tobacco) groceries
  • Residential open and close service Ė turn on lights, water, and heat before arrival; make sure everything is turned off and set property after guest departure.

  • What if a service person doesnít show up?
    SierraSentry strives to have great relationships with service personnel, vendors, and law enforcement. We will do everything possible to accommodate appointment schedules, be at your mountain home when you canít, and avoid no-shows, however they do happen and are subject to the agreed upon hourly service rate for each occurrence.

    What do you do if anything has happened at our place?
    SierraSentry will maintain a profile for each home including emergency contact phone numbers and email addresses. We will call the primary account contact or alternate upon discovering any circumstance that warrants your attention. If it is safe to do so, we will attempt to reach you from your home and take the appropriate action, within our skills and abilities, at your direction. When there is evidence of a crime, the appropriate authorities will be notified.

    Is there a discount for full-time residents?
    Yes, for certain services.

    How does hourly billing work?
    Hourly services may be ordered and will be billed when the service has been performed.

    Why do you use Paypal for online payments?
    PayPay offers cost-effective and efficient merchant services for businesses of all sizes and complexities. PayPal is well established in secure merchant services.

    Do I need to sign-up with PayPal to order services from SierraSentry?
    A PayPal account is not required when ordering SierraSentry services via our website.

    Which credit cards do you accept?
    PayPal accepts all credit cards, however MasterCard and Visa are small-business friendly.

    How will you gain access to our home?
    If your home is in a gated community, we will need you to arrange permission for us to approach your property with the proper access control authorities for your community. For interior and hourly services, SierraSentry will need access to a key to your home and your security code, if your home is equipped with an electronic security system.

    What do you do with our key?
    If you entrust SierraSentry with a key to your home, it will be identified only with your account number, not your address or name and retained in a secure environment.

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